This butterfly reminds me of myself, tattered and torn but still hanging in there.  I cannot help but wonder sometimes if I am fighting a battle to keep something that was not meant to be.  I keep striving on because I know that he is as wounded as I was and he deserves for someone to give him a chance to make things right and show him that he can have a good life as well.  A few said it was not my job, that I can agree with, but then who does it fall to?  Shouldn’t we help others who need and want it or should we just stop trying and hope they can find it on their own.  It took someone helping me to realize exactly how much I needed help as well.  I knew that I was injured but I thought that I could handle it on my own.  I couldn’t and now I am better off because someone helped me.  So doesn’t he deserve the same chance he gave me?  I feel so, although I do admit that it gets hard sometimes.  I am trying to understand and stay loving but I do hope that he does hurry, the days are getting longer while I wait for him to catch up.


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